Travel memoirs from Tottie Limejuice – Book 2 Is That Billinge Lump?

Book 2 in the travel memoirs series Sell the Pig from author Tottie Limejuice – Is That Billinge Lump?



It seemed like a good idea at the time. When British healthcare failed her ageing mother, eccentric writer Tottie decided to uproot her dysfunctional family and try again in France.

But was France ready for her depressed dipsomaniac brother, her nearly nonogenarian mother who enjoyed saying “bum” and “bugger” and her elderly collie with a weak heart and his own blog?

Is That Billinge Lump? is a travel memoir which continues the saga which began with Sell the Pig. With Tottie’s candid style to tell a ‘life in France tale’ with a difference, you’ll find chuckles and tears in equal measure.

Did France live up to its reputation for excellence in healthcare? Did Tottie survive sharing living space with her unpredictable brother?

There’s only one way to find out …

What travel memoirs readers said on Amazon about Is That Billinge Lump?

Just a selection of reviews which give 4.9 out of 5 stars for these travel memoirs:

‘I urge you to buy this gem of a book. It is a wonderful read.’

‘Thoroughly good read , if anything better than the first… ‘

‘At once gentle yet gripping, I defy you to put this down before The End’

‘A wonderful read, funny, sad and thought provoking’

‘Billinge Lump grips you from the start. It is funny, sad and engaging in equal measure.’

‘Rather like receiving long letters from a friend, who is revealing their life to you, warts and all. You laugh, scream with frustration and also cry with them.’

‘Read this and you will weep but laugh and enjoy and like me, seek out the next soon to be published 3rd volume.’ 

‘This is a wonderful story, one I became totally immersed in, refusing to put it down until the end. However, reader beware, settled in these totally absorbing pages are a myriad of emotions as you find yourself literally laughing and crying with Tottie.’

Is That Billinge Lump? (available in paperback and eBook format)

Available from most Amazon country websites, including France, Canada and Australia.





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