Meet Tottie Limejuice in this her hilarious first travel memoir Sell the Pig

Meet Tottie Limejuice in this first travel memoir in the Sell the Pig trilogy which kept on growing

Meet Tottie Limejuice, as, with her customary subtle humour, she leads the reader gently by the hand. She weaves the story of what led her and her brother to decide to take their elderly and somewhat gaga mother to start a new life in France’s Auvergne.

You’ll chuckle, you may shed a tear as you meet Tottie Limejuice and her somewhat unusual family. This is certainly not your average Move to France book.

SellThe Pig#5


What happens when dementia, depressed dipsomania and downright dottiness decide to uproot from the UK and move to France together.

Worried by the lack of care for her frail elderly mother in the UK, Tottie decides a new life elsewhere might be the answer. Sell the Pig is a travel tale with a twist, describing with alternating humour and poignancy how a somewhat dysfunctional family decide to uproot and move to rural France. Eccentric Tottie, her manic depressive alcoholic brother, their mother, whose dementia has given her an obsession with bums, and an equally elderly border collie, decide France’s Auvergne is to be their new home. This is the story of what led them to make that journey.

This is a brand new edition with additional previously unseen content.

Reader reviews of Tottie Limejuice’s first memoir on Amazon

Tottie Limejuice’s book brought out deep emotional responses in me, I was dreadfully sad, then angry, but never bored. The book leads you through the corridors of the dreaded care homes and then deeper into the parts of your mind that you’d prefer to leave firmly shut.

‘There is everything from despair to joy in this tale and I guarantee you will be swept along with it ‘

‘I was enthralled and in that fabulous limbo that you only get with a gripping read’

‘A moving but humorous tale’

‘By chance, I stumbled upon this incredible book  … a hilarious read out of a serious situation’ Amazon Vine  reviewer

‘Not just another move to France book ‘

‘So enjoyed this book, a delightful story with all the highs and lows of life’

‘The characters are exquisitely rendered in crisp prose. Tottie has a keen eye and a sharp but sensitive tongue.’

‘Right from the start, I found myself totally absorbed in this book , so much so that I quickly read right through each book and then onto the next one to find out what happened next.’

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