Baby’s Got Blue Eyes – L M Krier – DI Ted Darling Book I


DI Ted Darling Book 1. Baby’s Got Blue Eyes

Introducing DI Ted Darling in the first of a series of thrilling crime fiction books.



Tired of stereotypical cops? The heavy drinkers, gamblers, womanisers, mavericks? Time for change, time for Ted. L M Krier’s DI Ted Darling series is a breath of fresh air on the crime fiction scene.

Someone is dumping bodies on DI Ted Darling’s patch and he’s not happy. Ted’s a good solid copper, in an old-fashioned way, with an excellent clear-up rate. He’s not at all like your average cop and has his own unique way of dealing with any prejudice his differences bring him. No heavy drinking, no failed marriage, just a steady, long-term relationship. He and his partner have cats, not kids.

But this serial killer seems to be running effortless rings round Ted and his team. Every promising lead just takes them up another frustrating blind alley.

Then it starts to get personal …

Reader reviews of DI Ted Darling Book 1 Baby’s Got Blue Eyes

I just could not stop reading this new, evocative, crime novel

I was hooked from page one and didn’t want to stop reading. And I would read it again…my maxim for a good book

moved along at a great rate and was very well put together and very satisfactory

had me gripped from the start’

The villain was chilling and left me perplexed

‘ I just could not stop reading this new, evocative, crime novel’

‘I read a lot of books in this genre, and for me this is up there with the best of them’


If you’re a fan of Ted Darling, why not come along and join his group on Facebook?

It’s a great place to join in debates on who you would cast as your ideal Ted and Trev if the series ever appeared on television. Hot favourite at the moment for Ted is Martin Freeman.


Looking for something different in crime fiction? Time for change – time for Ted.


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