FREE Ted Darling badges for all fans

FREE Ted Darling badges

If you really do love Ted Darling, share the love with FREE Ted Darling badges. It started out as a joke when a reader, clearly meaning well, reported the famous ‘billirant’ typo to Amazon (the one made by a drunken Trev to Ted) as being a typo. Despite it being in a paragraph which read: ‘They still made a joke of Trev’s drunken typo’. One of the beta-readers suggested we should have Ted Darling merchandise using the word ‘billirant’ so the idea for the badges was born

Ted Darling brand

Now there are ten books in the Ted Darling crime fiction series, it’s time to start building a bit of a brand for our Ted. Especially now the covers have had a recent makeover to show iconic architectural images from Stockport, where the books are set.

New cover images for some of the Ted Darling crime series which feature (L-R) Vernon Park, the Stockport Viaduct, and the River Goyt near the Stockport Hydro.

Ted Darling in Stockport sponsorship deal

Now Ted is getting to be reasonably well established, I thought it would be a nice idea for him to sponsor the Pride event in Stockport in July 2018.  That means he will have a banner up, with the image above, in the town’s marketplace, in Castle Square to be precise. I’m not able to be at the event myself but I know a lot of Ted’s fans from in and around Stockport are planning on going. They’ll all be sporting their free Ted Darling badges and are getting T-shirts made for the occasion. Some of the designs are so inventive I’m giving out prizes for the best ones. My own efforts have been rather tame in comparison.

Rare selfie of me posing in my ‘I <heart> Ted Darling’ T-shirt


And here’s one of Ted’s marketing manager and No. 1 Alpha-reader, Jill Pennington, or, as I call her, Ted’s ‘marketing tart.

Get your FREE ‘Ted Darling is billirant’ badge – join the group

I’ve ordered a limited number of the badges. They are very nice, pink background, wording ‘Ted Darling is billirant’, 38cm. They are FREE exclusively to members of the We Love Ted Darling group on Facebook. It’s worth joining. A very friendly group, if rather naughty. There are a couple of Ted-related questions to answer in order to get in just to avoid any trolls. But anyone who genuinely loves Ted is made to feel most welcome. So why not hurry over there NOW to join, then you will be able to request your FREE badge.

Privacy Notice

I do not store your personal data anywhere online or anywhere else. You supply me with a postal address to receive your badge, I write it on a piece of paper which I then burn after sending your badge. If you want me to email you with news of future releases, please say so and I will do. Otherwise our only contact will be via the blog or the Facebook group.

Meanwhile I hope by now you’ve all seen that the prequel everyone was asking for, with Ted’s early life in firearms, plus the full ‘when Ted met Trev’ story, has been released. It’s called ‘The First Time Ever’ and I hope you will enjoy it.

Ted Darling hates having his photo taken. Here’s a rare shot of him in SFO mode.


Ted Book Ten, Cry for the Bad Man, is also now available for Kindle, in paperback, as also to read FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Book Eleven is already in the thought process and should hopefully be with you by the end of the year.

Book 10 in the Ted Darling series, Cry for the Badman. The cover shot, by Neil Smith, was taken near to Roman Lakes, Marple, Stockport.

To end on, just a little reminder. Reviews and word of mouth are both a HUGE help in getting the Ted Darling crime series books to a wider audience. So if you’ve read and enjoyed them, please don’t forget to leave a little review on Amazon or Goodreads, and to tell all your friends about them. Thank you.

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