Baby’s Got Blue Eyes

Crime thriller Baby’s Got Blue Eyes on special offer

I can’t believe it’s a year since DI Ted Darling first bounced his way into my brain and made me write about him. Since then, I’ve published three crime thriller books in the series, Baby’s Got Blue Eyes, Two Little Boys and When I’m Old and Grey.


The reception has been brilliant, very encouraging for a newbie into the crime thriller genre. It’s a huge one, full of very talented writers, both mainstream published and Indies like myself. In such a big pond, it’s always hard for a new and very small minnow to get noticed.

Crime thriller cover design

I’ve been working with the talented Dave Michael Rogers of DMR Creative for the cover designs and have been pleased with what he’s produced for each of them.

But it’s always good to shake things up a bit, to try to create a bit more attention. With that in mind, I’ve asked him to rework the cover of Baby’s Got Blue Eyes for something a bit more stark and dark, perfect for a crime thriller. This is the result of the revamp, and I’m thrilled with it. Hope it won’t give the readers nightmares!

BGBENew#1 kindle5-cropped

To coincide with the revamp, and also as a lead-in to the next book coming out, Baby’s Got Blue Eyes will be going out at a special offer price, for a limited time only, starting from 30 January 2016. Watch this space for further details. You can also keep up to date with Ted and me on social media – Facebook and Twitter – for more news.

In further Ted news, the next crime thriller in the series, Ted Book IV, is on the second round of beta reading and the designer is already working on the cover, so I hope to have it available before much longer.

Next crime thriller title

You will have spotted a recurring theme with the titles, which are all song titles or lines from a song. I’m too superstitious to reveal the name of my next book before it’s ready to publish. But if you like to play the guessing game, I can give you some clues.

  1. It’s a country song, country music being Ted’s preferred style after Queen.
  2. There’s a motoring connection.
  3. The singer is a gay rights activist.
  4. There’s a different song of the same name by a famous pop singer.

That’s it for clues. Good luck!

Also don’t forget my first children’s fiction book, The Dog with the Golden Eyes, will also be released shortly. It’s an adventure story about a boy and a dog, with a strong crime thriller element.


Well, I couldn’t completely abandon my favourite genre, could I?


Lesley Krier Tither – formerly known as Tottie Limejuice

What’s in a name? Well, despite being known to just about everyone as Tottie Limejuice, having an email address in that name for about 15 years, and a Facebook account in it for more than five years, Facebook have just informed me I can no longer be called Tottie Limejuice as it’s not my ‘authentic’ name.

Here is not the place to get into a debate on their rules – they are their rules, we don’t pay to use their server so we have to put up or shut up. I’ve put up – the new name, my authentic one, of Lesley Krier Tither. For those who set store by such things, Krier is pronounced Kreer – yes, it rhymes with queer but I’ve had those jokes all my life! It is the Luxembourg family name.

Even I have to keep doing a double take on Facebook to remember who this Lesley bird is, no one calls me that these days. But I’ve left the same picture up there so hopefully most people will get used to the change – probably before I do.

So the new crime novel, Baby’s Got Blue Eyes, is now available in ebook and paperback formats and early reviews are encouraging. I do hope you will enjoy this departure from my usual travel memoirs genre.


Book II in the DI Ted Darling series is already under way and will hopefully be out later this year. In the meantime I have a few more projects in hand. Book II of the Sell the Pig series, Is That Billinge Lump, is having a makeover and a new cover to match those of its smart brothers Sell the Pig and Mother Was It Worth It.

In another departure from genre, I hope to publish my first book for children and young-at-heart adults later this year. I wrote it some time ago, I just now need to edit it. It’s about a dog, so no surprises there.

Totties’ Tours of the Auvergne are starting in April and once they are up and running, there will be a Sell the Pig series sequel, with early bookers on the tours having the chance to feature in the book, if they so choose.

With all that on my plate, all I can say is it’s a good job I retired in July as a freelance copywriter and copy editor!

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