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New book release from crime fiction writer L M Krier

New book release from crime fiction writer L M Krier

There’s a new book out in the popular DI Ted Darling crime fiction series. Book 4, Shut Up and Drive, is now available to pre-order from Amazon for Kindle, and from other online retailers for most other e-book devices. Once again the cover is by talented designer Dave Michael Rogers of DMR Creative.

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Latest crime fiction book in the DI Ted Darling series

This new book in the DI Ted Darling crime thriller series sees a serial sex attacker spreading fear in Stockport and DI Ted Darling and his team¬† on the case. The man randomly targets young women and abducts them from busy supermarket car parks. He’s armed with a knife and is clearly highly trained in how to handle it.

Ever-dwindling police resources make the manhunt harder, even though the attacker clearly doesn’t care whether or not he’s caught. All his victims say he’s dead behind the eyes.

As the gripping thriller nears its climax, the dangerous predator becomes even more ruthless and his actions threaten the lives of more than one of the team members.

A feisty new character for the new book

You will, of course, find out more about Ted and his partner Trev in this new book. There’s a brand new character, hopefully a bit of a surprise, and I hope also one the readers will like and want to see more or.

The new book is the fourth in the series which began with Baby’s Got Blue Eyes and continued with Two Little Boys and When I’m Old and Grey. Baby’s Got Blue Eyes now has a new cover for the Kindle edition and the paperback will also soon be available with the new cover.

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New Kindle Cover for Baby’s Got Blue Eyes

Shut Up and Drive is already getting a few mentions on other websites and blogs. Do please spread the word among your friends. The book is available to pre-order NOW and will arrive on your Kindle on 1st March 2016 – Happy St David’s Day!

The good news is that I have just started work on the next crime fiction book. But will this one feature DI Ted Darling? That’s the Million Dollar Question!


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