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New crime fiction release from L M Krier

New crime fiction release from L M Krier in the DI Ted Darling series is coming SOON!

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog of late, for which my apologies but, for those who have not already heard through social media, it’s because of the recent sudden death of my brother, Peter, aged 67.Brother on Puy de Dome

If you’ve read the Sell the Pig trilogy of four, Sell the Pig, Is That Billinge Lump?, Mother, Was It Worth It? and Biff the Useless Mention, you’ll already know that my brother had a serious problem with alcohol. He had been going steadily downhill, despite all efforts to persuade him to seek proper help. He even had two social workers, whose advice he ignored.

Biff the useless mention - the latest travel memoir book by Tottie Limejuice

Biff the useless mention – the latest travel memoir book by Tottie Limejuice

We continued to exchange frequent emails, in which he assured me he was getting himself together and now employing a cleaner with whose help the kitchen now looked like an operating theatre in its pristine cleanliness. Sadly, none of it was true.

I received a phone call from the police to say he had been found dead at the house, of natural causes. And when I went over to the Pink House to begin to sort things out, the full horror behind the fantasy was revealed.

New crime fiction release

But enough of the sadness. I’ve found great solace in spending time with my good friend Ted Darling and the result is that Book 5 will be released later this year. The title is, as ever, a closely guarded secret for now, but it follows on from Baby’s Got Blue Eyes, Two Little Boys, When I’m Old and Grey and Shut Up and Drive.

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Latest crime fiction book in the DI Ted Darling series

Once that’s released, I have a busy time ahead. The first Sell the Pig book will shortly be appearing in French translation, which is an exciting project, and will finally answer the questions the locals often ask me about why I finished up living in the middle of the rural Auvergne.

SellThe Pig#5

Then hopefully before too long I will be publishing my first children’s book, The Dog with the Golden Eyes, written as L M Kay, also a crime fiction.  When I finally draw breath from all that, I think there will have to be another book in the Sell the Pig series, all about the challenges my brother has unwittingly left me with. A fifth book in a trilogy? Why not!

Dog_draft4CoverSo do please keep watching this space for details of forthcoming new crime fiction release dates, and the latest in the travel memoirs series.

DI Ted Darling makes crime fiction favourites 2015

What a nice new year surprise for DI Ted Darling, to find himself listed as a favourite crime fiction read of 2015 on this excellent new blog. In fact, with not just one but three separate entries for all three existing books in the series, Baby’s Got Blue Eyes, Two Little Boys and When I’m Old and Grey.


I’m especially pleased to be featured on such a well-written and intelligent blog, one where the blogger says herself: ‘I will refuse any free offer of a book to review, because I prefer to read what I like, when I wish and would hate to feel duty bound to review something I didn’t like. I will also NEVER accept payment for any review.’

TLB - final#1=kindle flattened

Ted is overcome with embarrassment to find himself awarded 5 stars for each of the books. He’s had to go and make himself an extra strong green tea to recover!


In other news, I have now finished writing Ted Book IV which has gone out to those most formidable of all critics, the beta readers. If and when it passes that acid test, I can then start the process of getting it ready for publication, so it should hopefully be ready for you early in 2016.

Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for your support and kind comments about Ted and Trev. Keep spreading the word!

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