When I’m Old and Grey – DI Ted Darling Book III



It’s here! The moment fans of DI Ted Darling have been waiting for! Book III in the series, When I’m Old and Grey, is out today, 1 October 2015, and available at a special offer price of just £1.99/$1.99, just for the first few days.

Here’s what the book blur says: ‘DI Ted Darling doesn’t like coincidences. There are too many for comfort surrounding his latest case. They’re spilling over into his private life, too, when some toxic family secrets are uncovered.

A serial killer appears to be targeting vulnerable elderly people in care homes and despatching them in the most cynical way. Ted and his team are struggling to get a lead on who the killer really is.

It doesn’t help that his newest team member is adding to his problems, rather than helping him to solve them.

Then an unexpected phone call brings devastating news for Ted and his long-term partner, Trevor …’

The DI Ted Darling books are based in Stockport, the town where I grew up.

You can get it from Amazon for Kindle and in paperback.

And the good news in I’ve just started writing DI Ted Darling Book IV!

When I’m Old and Grey

When I’m Old and Grey

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